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Founded in 1995 by Dr. Michael R. McCoy, we provide a range of services and resources to not-for-profit institutions and associations, along with their for-profit subsidiaries.

Dr. McCoy works with a number of associates to provide services perfectly customized to your needs.
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Dr. Michael R. McCoy

Dr. Michael R. McCoy
Author, Lecturer, Broadcaster, Executive

I am a veteran non-profit and association executive with a proven track record of innovative management. I build management teams, develop fund-raising programs, train and direct staff, improve member and client service, and devise effective and efficient procedures to implement institutional goals. I have successfully assisted organizations to move into the electronic age, reducing expenses and enhancing services. I will provide the creative leadership to assist your organization to move forward. Contact Me Directly: 916 955-2092. mrmccoy@mrmccoy.com

Dr. Michael McCoy's Resume


I am an experienced senior executive, communicator, and educator with more than 20 years managing, teaching, and speaking. I have taught at college and university level, as well as in corporate environments, and developed extensive management experience in non-profit and association management, higher education administration, corporate and grant fund raising, and non-profit management. I also have substantial experience in telecommunications as an on-air personality. I am a published author in both scholarly and creative areas. I have delivered dozens of workshops and hundreds of lectures on topics ranging from intellectual history to fund-raising, to the effective use of humor in business meetings. I am fluent in German, French, Greek, Latin, and several other languages.


  • Enabled a California statewide trade association to implement new strategies leading to dramatic revenue and membership growth.
  • Led a national healthcare association in reversing a long-standing membership decline and establishing a significant growth curve.
  • Chaired Ohio's Council of Regional Library Systems, leading a highly successful effort to restore state funding to library consortia in the face of dramatic budget cuts.
  • Executive Director of multi-state library consortium responsible for dramatic growth in program and financial solvency.
  • Negotiated vendor contracts for members of an academic library council, which saved 36% in resource costs.
  • Public Affairs, Membership, and Public Relations Director for a scientific association - responsible for member services, government relations, public relations, marketing, publications, and personnel development.
  • Founded and directed non-profit corporation that served hundreds of meals weekly, provided groceries to more than 100 families, maintained a homeless shelter and employed an extensive professional and volunteer staff.
  • Directed college cabinet's institutional and community relations efforts as a senior administrative officer.
  • Developed new foreign studies program that sent sixteen students to seven European countries and faculty to teach in two. Held leadership roles in both state international studies organizations.
  • Authored self-study examining all phases of Emory University Graduate Division, which resulted in Division receiving a disproportionately high $20 million of $100 million grant received by University.
  • Chaired college/community symposium that brought business, community, and religious leaders into dialogue with students.
  • Chaired eight successful search committees to hire new college administrators and faculty members.
  • Negotiated a 100% increase in commissions for a statewide workers compensation safety pool resulting in hundreds of thousands of dollars of added income for the association.
  • Instituted new fund-raising program to assist library consortium to overcome a 25% decrease in State funding while increasing its overall budget by 10%.
  • Successfully won a series of grants from federal, state, and private funders.
  • Successfully raised entire budget to support an Annual Congressional Science Fellow serving as a senior scientific advisor on Capitol Hill. Funds derived from both governmental and industry sources.
  • Won three major competitive grants, doubled number of students, and tripled enrollment in electives for academic department by rebuilding it from ground up. 75% success rate in grant applications.
  • Raised funds to build and sustain non-profit organization. Budget increased 2,000% during five-year period with all funds provided by local non-governmental sources.
  • Directed college cabinet's fund raising activities among principal institutional support groups resulting in a 30% increase in funding.
  • Successfully managed the renaming and rebranding of the California Rehabilitation Association into the California Disability Services Association. The change of name allowed the organization to expand its influence and recraft its image with its primary constituencies.
  • Managing editor of The Forum, the print organ of the AOMAlliance with a circulation of 15,000.
  • Editor, author, and publisher of the weekly E-Forum, an electronic publication delivered weekly to 2,000 email inboxes.
  • Current publishing author with credits as recent as 2008.
  • Served on two major publishing house editorial boards for college philosophy textbooks.
  • Contributor to four reference books on history and biography; author of numerous journal articles on variety of subjects in philosophy, religion, intellectual history, and bibliography.
  • Wrote and published brochures, pamphlets, and promotional materials instrumental in salvaging college's relationship with its governing body.
  • Wrote and produced three children's theater productions which were presented by college drama group to area elementary schools.
  • Reorganized and expanded college drama activities so that nearly 100 students produced four major productions and several minor productions each year.
  • Boosted ratings while headlining as morning radio host during major change in format. Station moved from last to first place with seniors and second with overall listeners.
  • Made radio station dominant news source in market by creating news department that broadcast ten daily newscasts. Stories ran daily on AP wire and were twice aired by CNN.
  • Designed and taught mini-courses in fund-raising, public relations, and communications for corporate and association staff education programs.
  • Designed and taught course on Vermont's federally mandated welfare reform. Two proposals generated by the class were presented to local legislators and subsequently became public policy.
  • Developed, prepared, and delivered college graduate and undergraduate courses on more than 50 subjects in five different disciplines.
  • Managed the government affairs enterprise for a California state trade association including management of two contract lobbyists. Our efforts resulted in dramatic rate increases for the members of the association in a budget-challenged environment.
  • Launched a federal initiative to enable California providers of rehabilitation services to secure additional federal dollars and influence federal regulations.
  • Directed highly effective state and federal lobbying campaigns for the Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Alliance resulting in new legislation in five states and the likely passage of the Federal Acupuncture Coverage Act.
  • Lobbied Ohio state legislature resulting in the restoration of $90,000 in funds for Regional Library Systems.
  • Maintained close contact with a state agency to deliver more than $100,000 in pass-through state and federal dollars in a single fiscal year.
  • Successfully promoted the interests of a scientific association in Washington, culminating in federal legislation supportive of increased funding for research and the elimination of undue regulatory constraints.
  • Placed a senior scientist in a Capitol Hill office as a fellow representing the Society of Toxicology. The scientist still maintains a close relationship with several congressional colleagues and is regularly consulted in the crafting of legislation.
    Executive Director and CEO
         California Disability Services Association
        California Disability Services Institute
        Dynamic Solutions, Inc.
        Sacramento, CA

    Executive Director
        Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Alliance
        Gig Harbor, WA,
        2004 - 2006

    Executive Director
        Greater Cincinnati Library Consortium and State     Assisted Academic Library
    Council of Kentucky, Cincinnati, OH,

    Public Affairs, Membership, and Program Director
        Society of Toxicology, Reston, VA,
        2000- 2002.

        Private Practice, DC Metro Area,

        Community College of Vermont, St. Johnsbury, VT,

    Radio Broadcaster
        Morning Radio Host
        WSTJ Radio, St. Johnsbury, VT,

    News Director
        WGMT Radio, Lyndonville, VT,

    President and CEO
        Kingdom Community Services, St. Johnsbury, VT,

        Main Stage Productions, Lyndon State College, Lyndonville, VT,

    Associate Professor and Department Head
        Union College, Barbourville, KY,

    Associate Professor of Philosophy, Religion, and Classical Languages
        Ferrum College, Ferrum, VA,

      Ph.D. Emory University, Atlanta, GA

      M.Div. Princeton Theological Seminary, Princeton, NJ

      B.A. Emory and Henry College, Emory, VA

      Languages Taught at University Level: French, German, Greek, Hebrew, and Latin

  • Henderson, NC Jaycees, 1972-1975
  • Franklin County (VA) Board of Recreation, 1984-1986
  • Barbourville, KY Kiwanis, 1987-1991
  • Kingdom Community Services (VT) Board of Directors, 1992-1998
  • Northeast Kingdom Area Agency on Aging (VT), 1995-1997
  • NEKCA Head Start Advisory Board (VT), 1996-1997
  • Move Up Adult Day Services Board of Directors (VT), 1997-1998
  • Cincinnati, OH Rotary, 2003-2004
  • National Community Acupuncture Network Board of Directors (2006-present)
  • American River College Foundation Board of Directors (2008-present)
  • JERICHO Education for Justice and JERICHO Voice for Justice Board of Directors
  • Camerata Board of Directors
  • American Society of Association Executives (ASAE)
  • California Society of Association Executives (CalSAE)

PUBLICATIONS AND REFERENCES - Available upon request