We want to work with you!

Below you will find the information that will let you get started with us to meet your management needs. We are ready to create the service that you need, with no effort to embellish or upsell. This relationship begins and ends with you.

Our Pledge

Our pledge to you is that you will be completely satisfied with our services. Our guarantee and commitment is to your 100% satisfaction! If we ever fall short, let us know and we will make it right. You never pay unless you are satisfied with the results!

Doing Business With Us

Personal Contact - All of our relationships begin with a personal contact, a personal connection. Your first connection to mrmccoy management solutions is with mrmccoy himself. He will schedule and conduct your initial consultation.

The Consultation - Dr. McCoy will schedule a consultation with you to discuss your needs. The consultation may take place in the form of a meeting, a telephone call, or a video conference, depending upon your needs and desires. Dr. McCoy will seek to understand what issues you are trying to address, what problems you are seeking to solve, what needs you hope to meet. He will ask questions and listen very carefully to you. There is never a charge for the consultation. At the end, he may offer advice or suggestions. He may also offer to submit a proposal to you. We encourage you to take advantage of the consultation as a free opportunity to consult about your real-time situation. Suggestions and solutions are yours to use. If you do not need our services, we will not offer them.

The Proposal - If we believe we can assist you, we will prepare a written proposal. It will detail precisely what services we will provide. It will indicate who will provide those services and offer you the opportunity to review and approve our plan. We will also provide you with detailed information about the cost of the services and how charges will be accrued. You will have the opportunity to discuss and approve the proposal, and to work with us to make any changes you may require.

The Service Agreement - Once we have agreed about the services, costs, and other elements of the relationship, we will present you with a Service Agreement that includes the substance and details of our agreement. These agreements always include our unconditional guarantee of satisfaction. We pledge to you that we will meet or exceed all of the terms of our agreement.

Periodic Evaluation - We are committed to maintaining the highest standards for the services that we provide. Every Service Agreement includes a mechanism to evaluate your continuing satisfaction with our work. We take these evaluations very seriously and continually adjust our efforts to guarantee the highest possible level of satisfaction.